Our expertise

Segetex-eif, non-woven converter

Segetex-eif carefully selects master rolls of non-woven material according to user needs to transform this raw material into finished products and offer suitable solutions.
Our manufacturing processes are different depending on the materials used and the intended use of the product

Our manufacturing processes

The various manufacturing sites of Segetex-eif and its partners specialize in the following transformation processes:

– Cutting of sheets with vertical scissors, hydraulic press and cutter for inserts of PPE and products intended for the health sector;
– Sheets intended for industrial wiping or wiping in clean rooms;
– Winding and pre-cutting of rolls intended for the health sector or industrial wiping;
– Cutting and folding of sheets intended for the hygiene, beauty or industrial wiping sector;
– Assembly by sewing, assembly by thermal welding or by ultrasonic welding;
– Thermal complexing or bonding;
– Specific packaging in ISO8 clean room.

Segetex-eif :
Dupont™ authorized manufacturer


Tyvek® is a non-woven fabric made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres providing an ideal balance between protection, durability and comfort. Tyvek® is permeable to water vapor, repelling aerosols and aqueous liquids.

Tyvek® is a Dupont™ registered trademark.


Tychem® builds on the strength of Tyvek® coated with a polymeric barrier material to provide excellent chemical permeation protection to a wide range of chemicals.

Tychem® is a Dupont™ registered trademark.


Wipes manufactured using the most advanced “spunlace” production technology.



Segetex-eif manufactures and markets a range of Personal Protective Equipment, medical devices and accessories, for short use, offering different levels of protection adapted to your needs.

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